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  • 2021 30g Great Britain Queen's Beasts Completer .999 Silver Proof Coin NGC FDI PF69

2021 30g Great Britain Queen's Beasts Completer .999 Silver Proof Coin NGC FDI PF69


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          Product Description

          On 2 June 1953, Her Majesty The Queen arrived at Westminster Abbey to be crowned before the nation. Outside the entrance, ten heraldic creatures formed a guard of honour in a striking illustration of the royal line of descent.

          Recast on coins, e Queen’s Beasts Collection has breathed new life into these manifestations of the monarch’s right to rule. From instantly recognisable national symbols to familial beasts of the great houses that vied for the throne, they number lions, a bull, a falcon, a horse and a greyhound as well as creatures of myth and legend.

          To celebrate the conclusion of this hugely popular series, a special collector coin provides a fitting finale.Available in a range of limited-edition gold and silver Proof editions, as well as a Brilliant Uncirculated edition, all ten of these formidable royal guardians appear together in one design created by Jody Clark, who is the youngest designer to have created a definitive coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

          Product Features

          • Celebrate the conclusion of our popular Queen’s Beasts Collection
          • The only coin to feature all ten beasts in one design
          • Both sides of the coin were created by the prestigious designer Jody Clark
          • Certified NGC PF69 with FDI designation
          • Comes with certificate of authenticity #4


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